What Is The J.A Piper Award?


The J.A Piper Award is often known as the very highest honor that can be given out to roofing contractors in the United States. This award only goes to one person each year, and a quick look at the past winners, many of whom have been committee members and presidents of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), shows that the winners are in elite company. This is an honor that a contractor will proudly display for years to come.
When looking at the roots of the award, you can see that it was very prestigious from the first time it was handed out. J.A. Piper was the president of the NRCA during the 1930s, when America was going through the great depression. This was a time when many businesses folded. It was the hardest economic stretch in American history, and it only ended when the United States entered World War II in December of 1941. Despite all of this, Piper was able to keep the members of the Association together so that they came strongly out of the far side of the Depression.
Typically, the award is given out to someone who has shown excellence that far exceeds merely doing what is expected. Some of the people who have won the award have dedicated their entire lives to this excellence and given incredible sacrifices for the association. The award is such an honor because it goes to those who have made the entire industry look good through their personal efforts.