Three Simple DIY Home Renovation Jobs


While a total renovation may be beyond your abilities, there are some DIY home renovation jobs that you can do on your own to really change the look of your house. These jobs may just take a weekend, but the impact will be noticeable.
First, you could consider changing some of the fixtures in your bathroom. With a pair of pipe wrenches, you can take off the old shower head and the bathtub faucet and put new ones on in their places. New fixtures can make your shower feel luxurious and new even if it looks roughly the same.
Next, you could consider repainting any of your white walls to give your home some color. If you do not want the job to get too big, just paint the top 18 inches of the wall. Then run a piece of trim all the way around the wall, at the lower edge of the paint, to add some definition. You will be surprised by how little paint it takes to make you think of a room as red, blue, or green.
If you want to put in a few days of work, you could redo your hardwood floors. This is not technically very hard, but you need to be committed because the physical work can be difficult. You will need to rent a floor sander, sand away the old finish with three types of sandpaper, and then put down at least one coat of new finish. However, it is best to put down 2-4 coats before you are done.