Summer Projects: For The DIY Landscaper


If you’ve been considering a few summer projects, you may think it’s too much of a hassle to build a stone retaining wall in your front lawn, but you’d be surprised how simple the process can be. Last summer, I took the task on all by myself, and I was able to construct a 12′x 4′ wall in three weekends with a total of thirty hours of work.
That might sound like a heavy burden to you, thirty hours is a fair amount of time, and cutting into the weekend can make the workweek feel pretty long, but you should know that I’m counting drive time to and from the hardware store, and the time it took to purchase the supplies. All in all, I was laboring, doing actual work for less than twenty-five hours.
If you want to tackle a beautiful retaining wall to set off a garden bed, or simply add some depth to your front lawn, you’ll need: a shovel, one, fifty-pound bag of sand for every three yards and suitable stones. Pretty simple, right?
If you’re wondering what a suitable stone is, I’d recommend you check at your hardware store for their selection. I bought my rock from a local quarry, but most people like the concrete blocks that are widely available.
Concrete comes in many shades of brown, grey, tan and red so you can find the right color for your home. It’s easily stackable and durable for all weather, too. If you live in the city, check building codes to be sure you don’t need a permit, and as long as you’re clear, begin the first of many rewarding summer projects by digging to install your stone retaining wall.