Renovating? Why Not Take A Vacation?


Homeowners that have remained in their home throughout the course of renovations nearly always look back on the time and wish that they stayed out of the way of the contractor — and took the time to indulge themselves on a vacation. Doing this can save the stress of having to find a place to stay, burdening family and friends and even reduce the costs of staying in a local hotel or self-catered-suite.
Renovating can be a great vacation excuse but before you go, it’s important to consider a few things.
Do you trust the Contractor?
The reason that homeowners tend to stay put while the home is under construction is to keep tabs on the work that is being done. Going on vacation means that you are going to be out of the picture and therefore putting a lot of trust in the contractor you’ve hired to get the job done.
Get Someone to Look In
Have a friend or a family member (that knows their stuff) and has an idea of what the finalized project should look like, look in on the work that is being completed. This way, they can keep you up to date while you’re off trotting the globe.
Will Renovations be Finished on Time?
You won’t want to come back from the vacation only have to find a family member or friend to stay with, so it’s important to be realistic with the dates of the vacation and the renovation work that is being completed.
Use these tips to find a reason to explore the globe while the home is being renovated — and come home to something new.