Keep your family safe with your decking!


The popularity of decking as an exterior surface around your home and other buildings is growing year by year. The look of a timber surface provides a natural charm that appeals too many of us, providing a sustainable option in the light of increasing environmental awareness.
But there is one big problem with timber decking…when it gets wet it can be lethal. Believe me, I know!
After a downpour (and the British weather continues to offer its fair share of those), stepping out onto your decking can leave you grabbing for the handrail once you feel your feet slipping from under you. This is far from the best thing that can happen to anybody, especially for kids who want to play army in the garden.
The answer to this lies within which kind of decking you want? And doing some research will help you! The very first thing you need to do is ask yourself some basic questions

  • Whereabouts will you put the decking?

  • Who is going to be fitting the decking?

  • Will there be steps?

  • How are you going to use the decking?

  • Is it going to get wet and will you want to use it when it is wet?

Having all of your information to hand, you may decide that the best option for you is Anti slip Decking. This type of decking only used to be available to the big contractors but a lot of decking companies have mastered the smaller size!
Some people try to make their decking anti slip after the accident but that may be too late. They may decide to try anti slip paints or perhaps purchase some inserts to push into decking. That’s all better than nothing but to be honest it would be better if you start with this decking and you could save yourself a trip to the hospital.
So just what is the difference between the normal decking and anti slip decking?
Essentially it’s just your normal decking but with extra grooves within it. And then it has been packed with this weird special material that is aggregate and resin (grit and glue if you want) into those grooves. The aggregate is left slightly higher than the surface so that your shoe has something to stop you from crashing to the floor.
I’ve actually started to save my money up for this kind of decking. I think it's incredible! You are able to use the decking in virtually all types of weathers. Whether you would like to I don’t know! I won’t have to continuously drag the kids away from playing on the decking because I know they won’t be hurting themselves.
Well whether it actually works will be new to me. So if it doesn’t expect a new article from telling you otherwise.