How To Trust Construction Companies


Even the handiest do-it-yourself-er eventually discovers that there are some projects which simply demand the services of an experienced professional builder. In addition to their ability to do the job properly and in the agreed-upon time frame, professionals are widely versed in the administrative aspects of all phases of construction. Increasingly, even the smallest construction project involves interaction with, and approval from, such entities as home owners associations, local zoning offices, and the regional building department.
Navigating the regulatory maze has become nearly as important as actually driving nails into wood. This generally means that an experienced builder often saves time and money simply by knowing the current rules of the construction game. When it comes time to find one worthy of trust construction companies need to be judged as much on their familiarity with building codes and the permitting process as on the price they put at the bottom of their bid sheet.
A trustworthy construction company is likely to be one that has shown that it has already been trusted by other people. A quick check with the local Better Business Bureau often provides useful evidence of a company’s previous record of performance. People who are interested in hiring a contractor should also insist upon seeing a list of other local projects which the company has already completed.
Of course this list is of no use unless it is followed up on. Taking a quick drive past one or more of the company’s projects can save someone from the mistake of hiring an incompetent contractor. Asking to see the contractor’s tools is another way of judging how serious about their trade they really are. If their toolbox is filled with homeowner-grade equipment, one is more likely to get homeowner-grade results. Always remember the motto of President Ronald Reagan: Trust, but verify.