Home Siding Options In A Modern World


Once upon a time home owners had just a few choices as to how the outside of their homes could look. It might have been covered in stone, stucco, wood, or bricks. Today, home owners can still select from these items, but they can also choose other authentic materials and look-alikes.
The trouble is that certain methods of home siding are very costly. For instance, natural stone looks beautiful in combination with some other forms of siding, such as wood or cement fiber, but the cost is off-putting.
Wood is beautiful, especially real hardwood, but there are disadvantages to this natural material. It is prone to rot and is also not fire resistant. In place of wood, many builders choose to apply cement fiber or synthetic clapboard made to look like real wood. Cement fiber is very sturdy and will not rot or expand and contract in extreme temperatures the way wood will.
Vinyl continues to be used for the siding of houses, mostly because it is cheap and comes in many colors. The problem is that vinyl tends to lose its color quickly. Many varieties can be painted, however, so you can renew or even change the outer color of your home.
Keep in mind the cost savings related to your choice of home siding when building or renovating a home. Some materials will insulate a home better. Others will add value to your property when you choose to sell it. Your choice could lessen the amount of maintenance required or the potential for damage.