2017 Most Popular Roofing Styles

When building a home it is important to choose a roof that is both aesthetically pleasing, effective, and within the range of the builder’s budget. 2012 showed five popular roofing styles chosen by new homeowners.
2012 Most Popular Roofing Styles:
• The Gable Roof. This is a triangular shaped roof that is built at varying slope degrees allowing for snow and rain runoff and they are easily built. However, a gable roof leaves two sides of the home more susceptible to the elements.
• Cross-Gable Roof. This roof is used when the home is not a typical rectangular or square shape. It is simply a modified gable allowing two gables to intersect providing the same benefits of a gable roof.
• Hipped Roof. This roof has a low pitch sloping upwards from every side of the structure. A hipped roof will withstand strong winds and incorporates extended eaves that allows for snow and rain runoff.
• Cross-Hipped Roof. Cross-hipped roofs are typically seen on buildings that are not the typical square or rectangular shapes. These roofs function much like a hipped roof and join two or more independent hipped roofs on a structure.
• Shed Roof. As a general standard these are the simplest and least expensive roofs to build. The shed roof has one single pane sloping down the entire building. These roofs are typically seen on sheds, as the name implies porches, and home additions.
Just as you would for any building project, it is important to choose the best design for the area in which you live and one that will not go over budget. The homeowner and architect should work together to decide what type of roof will be used on their home.